Career Programming, Workshops, and Events

  • Experts provide workshops on resume writing, interviewing, business etiquette, job search strategies, etc to learners.
  • Industry and/or academia representatives give job search advice and opportunity-related seminars to learners.
  • Mock Interviews (Virtual Mock Interviews coming soon!)
  • On-Campus Campus Recruiting
  • Career Connections powered by Symplicity® Virtual Workshop Series
    • This series of three (3) workshops is dedicated to introducing MSM Learners to this new technology being used by the Office of Career Connections. The sessions (and Zoom links) are in the UPCOMING WORKSHOPS & EVENTS section below.





  • Career Connections powered by Symplicity® Mock Interviews, Workshops, and Events

    October 11, 2023 | 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

    In this session, we will see the functionality of the Mock Interview tool and attendees will be shown how to RSVP for Workshops and Events and more within the Career Connections powered by Symplicity® platform.  

    Zoom Link | 


  • Leading With Confidence: How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Self-Esteem 

    October 19, 2023 | 12:30 pm ~ 1:30 pm EST

    Many people never achieve their goals and desires due to a lack of confidence. There are moments when even the most accomplished person experiences moments of self-doubt. During this workshop, participants will be exposed to and learn techniques on how to minimize self-doubt and overcome the need for approval from others so they can stand confidently and firmly in their power.

    Location |Hugh Gloster Building | PAV 171A

  • What Did You Say? Developing Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

    October 19, 2023 | 6:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm EST (Virtual)

    Communicating effectively goes way beyond subject and verb agreement or being articulate. It is an essential skill needed to advance your career and to develop, maintain, and enhance personal and professional relationships. Your success, in many ways, is tied to how well you can communicate. You will leave this session with tools, techniques, and best practices that will help you enhance your communication skills and make meaningful presentations with greater comfort.                                                                                                                                         

    Zoom Link |

  • Making the Most of the Career Fair

    October 26, 2023 |12:30 pm ~ 1:30 pm EST  (In-Person)

                                     | 6:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm EST (Virtual) 

    Career Fairs are not new and navigating these events can sometimes be overwhelming. During this session, you will be provided with some tips and tools to ensure a beneficial and productive experience at a job/career fair.

    In-Person | Location | Hugh Gloster Building | PAV 171A 

    Virtual | Zoom Link | 


  • Career Connections Career Fair

    November 1, 2023 | 11:00 am ~ 2:30 pm EST (In-Person)

    Employers and Industry representatives will be on campus offering information and opportunities for MSM learners.

    Location | National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) | Atrium
  • Introduction to Project Management

    November 7, 2023 | 6:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm EST

    Project management skills are highly valued and sought out by employers across almost every sector. This workshop will introduce you to the key project management skills needed to bring a project from inception to a successful conclusion.

    Zoom Link |

  • The Missing Ingredient – Gravitas: What It Is and Why You Need It

    November 16, 2023 | 12:30 pm ~ 1:30 pm EST (In-Person)

    Human Resources professionals cite gravitas as an essential characteristic in executive presence.  Having gravitas at work can impact how seriously you are taken and how you rise in an organization.  It is often compared to charisma but is not the same. Please join us to understand how gravitas impacts one’s career and how you can develop it.

    Location | Hugh Gloster Building | PAV 171A


  • Who You Know Matters – Building A Powerful Network That Works for You

    December 6, 2023 |12:30 pm ~ 1:30 pm EST (Virtual)

                                       |6:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm EST (Virtual)

    The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics concludes that 85% of jobs are filled by networking.  79% of the US population believes that networking played and continues to play a significant role in their careers. Science, in and of itself, is collaborative in nature. This workshop will explore ways to build and develop an effective network that provides mutually satisfying benefits and builds lasting relationships.

    12:30 pm | Zoom Link | 

    6:30 pm | Zoom Link

Fellowships, Internships, & Other Opportunities

  • Coming Soon!

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